9th Jul, 2010

Join the “Cross out 23″ movement

NEOKidsblog.com Cross out 23 movement LeBron James AWAY Get your weak stuff out of hereNow, this blog’s purpose is meant to be about kids and parents in Northeast Ohio, and I never intended to get political or caught up in news events. But please permit me this one rant on what happened tonight in Cleveland.

I took my older son to Cedar Point this evening, for a few hours of dad & son time, and as luck would have it, that coincided with the ridiculous LeBron James media circus/announcement show on ESPN. So glad I didn’t stay home to watch that ego-driven nonsense. I’m a lifelong, passionate Cleveland sports fan, but I became disenchanted with this whole thing weeks ago.

What really gets under my skin is that—I’m told—all the cable networks were showing replays of The Drive, The Fumble, etc., as though sports and sports alone define this city. They do not.

And that’s why I’m asking you to join me in this grass-roots effort to show the world what’s special about Clevelanders and our community.

I’m mad about what happened. But I refuse to channel all my energy into negativity. (Oh sure, I plan on having a backyard bonfire for s’mores and burning my Witness shirt this Saturday, but, hey, give a guy one release.) So, I hatched a plan on the way home from Sandusky. Let’s turn this negative into a positive for Cleveland and the surrounding communities.

Starting Friday, we have 23 calendar days in July. As we all get #23 out of our systems, let’s each pledge to do something for Northeast Ohio in those 23 days. I started tonight by giving $23 to the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland. And I plan to take part of a day to volunteer, maybe at the Bishop Cosgrove Center downtown.

Will you join me in this movement? Please consider giving $23 or whatever you can to a worthy charity. Maybe Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland. Or the United Way. Or Our Lady of the Wayside. Or Hospice of the Western Reserve.

Or volunteer your time to help our community. Maybe you’re more apt to volunteer to educate kids or pick up trash at the Cleveland Metroparks (they have a charitable arm, too, if you’d rather give cash). Or give some canned food (23 cans sounds like a nice, round number) to the wonderful, deserving Cleveland Food Bank.

What LeBron did was completely without class. I, for one, will do my part to show him that this community deserves better than what his values show. Please consider donating or volunteering in support of the “Cross out 23″ movement—and in support of your town. Whatever you choose to do, please leave a comment, to help inspire others. And if you have other volunteer opportunities or charitable suggestions, those are welcome, too.

Go Cleveland!


Paul, Glad to have you for a brother-in-law. It’s so easy to let bitterness eat away at you instead of being grateful for all the good things in your life. You inspire me!

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